About Us Boundless South Africa

George Kellerman started on 4 December 1998 with a. 1980 VW Kombi in the transport business signifying a small beginning …

Neil’s Transfers was then birthed in 2004 with the introduction of the Broad based Black Economic Empowerment which was initiated by the South African Government where George went into partnership.
In 2009 the partnership dissolved and George bought out his partner. The name Neil’s Transfers was kept as it was a well-known name and synonymous with high standards of service excellence.

In 2016 it was decided to close the transfer point to point side of the business and focus only on small group transport.
In 2020 we decided to rebrand as Boundless South Africa to stop the confusion of transfers only.

Neil’s Transfer Services Pty Ltd , trading as Boundless South Africa operates within a very strict safety rule and according to the Law of the Land of the South African Law. Our vehicles have all the necessary permits and insurances.

Our passenger liability insurance on our vehicles is ZAR 50 million per incident.

Our Fleet Manager, has a very rigid preventative maintenance program on all our vehicles and records are kept of each individual vehicle and its maintenance history. In the unlikely event of roadside assistance , we have a national 24/7 account with Mercedes Benz dealerships to send out the nearest technician team for repairs. Our fleet is maintained meticulously and vehicles are not kept longer than 8 years. As we have moved into the 4th industrial revolution we have kept with the times and are currently rolling out daily driver checks of vehicle via an app that feeds daily into our system. We have two emergency numbers that are available 24/7 ; 365 days a year to help drivers and or agents/operators with assistance.

We have strong relationships with other specific vehicle operators all over South Africa that have the same quality control , business ethics and mindset . If necessary a sub vehicle is dispatched either by ourselves or by a sub. Our Base is in Cape town , but we have a sub base in Johannesburg close to the international airports .

"Do business with integrity and be ethical towards your staff and agents/operators , because you have a responsibility towards your staff members and their families."